What Age is Best to Start Learning Guitar?

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At what age can kids start learning guitar? This is the question parents with toddlers who would like to initiate their kids into the beautiful world of guitar often asked. We asked Jesse Levine, a Norristown-based founder of guitar school for kids, teens, and younger ones, his opinion on the best age to introduce a kid to guitar. Read on!

At what age can kids start learning guitar?

Do you have a young toddler who has already shown interest in learning guitar? Well determining the right age a child can learn guitar appears simple on the surface but it is definitely a hard nut to crack. While some guitar teachers recommended 3 years, others say 8- 10 years. “As much as it is ok to start introducing the kid as early as possible, the right age to start learning guitar will be when the kid is enthusiastic about learning. A child who shows great interest will be motivated to learn and it’s not likely to quit or drop out across in the long run” Jesse Levine Norristown says.  Although age 6 is most times recommended for kids to start a guitar, a kid can learn as early as 4 if they really show interest, have a very patient and creative teacher. Get a young toddler to start with ukulele. With time, watch if it is just a fad or they really want to be a guitarist. 

When is the best age kids can start learning guitar?

Deciding on the best age for a kid to start a guitar is difficult. While the best time for some can be 6, others might be 10  or even 18. However, there are factors that come into play when looking to start teaching your kid a guitar. 

The kid should start with the right lesson and instrument:

 there is no harm introducing your kid to reading and writing music at a young age. In fact, this is the best way to start with and introduce them to the music world. As kids tend to learn new languages very fast, teaching them music at a young age will be the basis for easier and faster learning. Now, while teaching them the guitar, start with the correct size of the instrument that a kid will be comfortable with. There are 1/2 or 3/4 size guitars designed for young children. If they are very young, give them something just to play around with and have fun.

The kid should have a significant interest in learning:

Does your child want to learn guitar or you want them to learn? If your kid doesn’t show interest in learning the 6 strings, pushing them to learn what they aren’t interested in is not the way out as they are likely to quit with time or lose interest in music generally. If it takes 8  or 10 years for them to show interest, let them learn at that time. If not, it’s ok, after all, not everyone is meant to be a guitar payer.

The child should have significant dexterity and strength: 

Guitar learning requires a lot of strength to hold it properly, strum the chords, and get a hold of it. It also requires concentration and focus for the lesson. A child who is yet to develop some of theSE abilities and strengths can pose some challenges during teaching and learning.  Ukulele tuned with an open chord might be a good alternative for a younger kid who cannot concentrate for a long time while learning

The child has the right teacher :

When you are considering enrolling for classes for kids, it is important to get them the right teacher. Teaching kids guitar can be challenging and this requires that the teacher has the experience and also the skills, patients, willingness, and materials to work with young children. A good teacher should create a positive mindset as the beginner’s stage can be quite frustrating for young children. 

What are tips for teaching guitar to kids

You are kid’s first teacher:

kids tend to imitate their parents and whatever they do. When your kid sees you happily strumming those chords they will likely do the same. Get involved in them and develop their interest in music. As toddlers, they shouldn’t be forced to learn any techniques or skills. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the moments. 

Motivate them through rewards:

Motivating your kids through compliments will encourage them to learn more and develop their interest in music. It doesn’t have to be the best, rewarding them will motivate them to keep putting their best. 

“Remember, it doesn’t matter the age they start, leave them to develop interest at their own pace and time. You might kill the potentials when you push too hard.”  Jesse Levine Norristown concludes.

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Earth Day

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BREAKING: Trump Temporarily Suspending Immigration into US

Jesse Levine Norristown is going to share a news with you that,

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He added that the measure was done “in light of the attack from the invisible enemy,” or the coronavirus pandemic, and to protect US jobs.

In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 21, 2020

It’s unclear what mechanism Trump will use to suspend immigration and it is also unclear how long such a suspension could last.

CNN has reached out to the White House to find out what the President means, and what effect this will have on the operation of US border crossings, and on those who already hold green cards.


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